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Re: My name is Pam, and I'm a milk-hoarder

Originally Posted by all3darlings View Post
My newborn son is just about to be 7 weeks old and I already have over 400 oz in the freezer. I've never had to rely on a stash but can't bring myself to dump it out. He is #3 and he is my last. I guess I just kinda feel like I don't want to let go of anything. I never thought about do you go about doing that? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks mamas
There are 2 main ways to meet someone in need for mom-to-mom donation. Milkshare is a website divided by state, so you can look and see if there is someone local that is in need. Or if you are willing to ship you can look into that too.
Eats on Feets has many local chapters as well and they are based mostly on Facebook. You can google to see if there is a chapter in your area.

The most important thing about donating is being upfront in what you expect from the recipient mama (ie let them know up front if you would like them to replace the bags that you give them).
For me it has been very rewarding knowing that I am helping another baby get the milk they need.
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