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Approximate date of purchase: A couple days ago, and it came today!
Where did you purchase the item(s) from: Here on diaperswappers.
What did you buy: Fleece soaker (green with blue face)How was the customer service: Amazing, very helpful.Review of the product: They are great. While intended for my daughter to use as a soaker (you know...what it was MADE for) my son who has been potty trained for over a year has staked claim on them, and has been wearing it all day, he won't take it off. I think he likes it. (BTW he doesn't like clothes so for him to be comfortable says a lot actually)Any additional comments: boysniris was just very nice, and we are really liking her work.Would you do business with them again? Yes, I plan to buy from her in about a month when we get our tax refund. YAY!
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