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Re: Those with older kids in carseats/boosters...

Well here in Florida it is just crazy how the law is written...basically it states that a child 4 to 5 must be restrained in "a separate carrier, child seat, or A SEAT BELT MAY BE USED" can you believe isn't even a requirement, they threw in the seat belt may be used part which is just crazy to me!! So basically that means that only children three or younger have to be in a separate carrier or car seat by law!!

Well my 5 (fixing to be six) and 3 year old are in 5 pt harness car seats, i did have my 5 year old in a booster seat (just the kind that goes under her butt) and i was reading that those did more harm then good in a crash because when the child comes up it slides out from underneath i just figured that i wouldn't take the chance and just put her back in the 5 pt. harness until she got too big for it and then get a booster with a back to it.

A question for a car seat tech :-)
As far as high back boosters vs. car seats with seat belt slots (the ones that are convertible), which are better?? The car seat she is in has the slots on the sides for a seat belt to go into, i just figured if it was in the truck why not just buckle it in through the seat belt and then let her use the 5 pt. instead of using the seat belt with the same seat that better?? and when should i start using the seat belt only, if ever? She is roughly 40 pds now but her head doesn't go above the seat and she is petite.

Thanks so much!!!!
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