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Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?

My dd, nine months, went to the allergist on Tuesday. She had had a previous relatively mild reaction to dairy and a scary (face and lips swelling) reaction to something in hummus. The allergist tested her for several allergies and she came up positive for milk, eggs, and sesame. My dh is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and fish so we were on the lookout for allergies in DD. The sesame is what caused the reaction in the hummus. We have an epi pen in case of severe hives or ANY swelling from food. The dr said that she would probably grow out of the milk and eggs, but not the sesame. She goes back in a year to be retested. She is still breastfeeding, so now I'm supposed to avoid dairy because the milk proteins pass into breastmilk. I was already vegetarian, so now without dairy, it looks like I'm becoming vegan! DH is not trilled with that, but he will adjust. DD eats limited solids so avoiding foods won't be hard for now, but when she weans it will be hard! Especially since we already have to avoid so much for dh. I'd love to have others to talk with about allergies!
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