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I need a sposie recomendation

I really see no way around having to resort to sposies a little bit, I just can't afford to buy a bunch of larges right now so while I cycle the meds out and work on my large stash im gonna have to use something. Im terrified because she already has a rash (bad laundry soap choice ) every sposie I have tried gave her a rash too. Im just so fustrated how sis she just up and grow overnight, at first it was all my med pw's but now all my med fbs dont fit either, I have 4 larges on the way and litterally 2 dipes that I can fit on her right now. Last week she had 2 snaps to go before growing out of me fbs

so is there anything new out in the sposie world because nothing has worked yet. I hate this soooooo much

Edit to fix ONE of the typos, im sure there is more lol
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