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Re: 32 weeks and wondering If Iam all alone!

well thanks for all the encouragement, When it comes to haveing a food diary i dont have to even begin to worry about that I cant hardly eat at all. If i do i cant breath so its like this for me. 1 egg and 1 toast for breakfast, at 9am and then at 3pm if i feel hungry i will eat something like cearal, or fruit, and for dinnner iam lucky if i can put away half a hamburger or a small plate of anything we cook and then its misserable for the rest of the night till around 11 or 12. Its crazy. But the good thing about this is Iam a plus sized woman and it does help me keep my self in check with weight, I have gained nothing this pregnancy and lost 12 pounds. BUT remember iam a larger woman.
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