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Re: Those with older kids in carseats/boosters...

My DD is in a high back booster. The law here in TN is 8 and 80 which is GREAT with me. ABSOLUTELY no one under the age of 8 rides with me without a booster. I bought an extra just for that purpose. My child will never ride in anyone's car without a booster. AND I MEAN EVER EVER EVER!! It is one of those things I am adamant about. I didn't read all the responses, but one of the first ones someone was talking about their MIL being lax with carseats, etc. My MIL wouldn't have my kids in her car ever again until they were 12, and I am not kidding. Carseats save lives, booster seats save lives, the laws are inacted for a reason - to keep kids safe, not to make life difficult. I am not directing this toward anyone here, just in general b/c I know I have lots of IRL friends who disregard carseat safety and it really burns me up. My IL's give us the crap about "Well, my kids never rode in carseats and they are just fine." HELLO!!!!!!
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