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Re: more stuff...aprons

Beautiful work! Maybe your niece should come over and make some cupcakes with you for her fundraiser so that so can appreciate the work that goes into them, which she can sell individually for a nice low price. The fabric alone is worth way more than $3 per apron, even if it were from scraps (we buy fabric assuming all of it can be used in the end), and your time is virtually priceless.

I agree, it is best to start young teaching our LOs about the value of homemade ... over boxstore-bought, cheaply made, mass produced, made-in-china products.

Bake some nice chocolate (or carob, toasted coconut, etc) cupcakes (if it is not too late - or for next time)... icing with surprises on top like sprinkles, toasted coconut, shaved chocolate, candies, etc if you want to get fancy! Or have her sell your excuisite work for something closer to what it is intrinsically worth. It sounds like the money is going to a good cause anyway.
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