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Re: Beastfeeding & Surgery: Information GREATLY appreciated

It depends on the drugs they give you. I recently was in for day surgery and had to pump and dump for 24hrs. My dr "suggested" that I do this, she didn't tell me I had to, she was polite. She did say however there are potential complications with respiratory distress in infants of breastfeeding mothers with the drugs she planned to use, and so it was no question to pump and dump. Best is to talk to your dr, find out what drugs might be used and call LLL to get them to look up the drug in their book.

I had a colonoscopy with biopsies, so they kinda need you to be awake to be able to move around to help with the procedure but not with it to remember or feel pain. That's my take on it.

I don't know what they gave me but I was really loopy, but only realize how loopy in retrospect, I felt fine at the time but have little memory of that evening once I got home. So getting someone elses help is pretty important.

For us, DH did a trial run with the a bottle when I wasn't home a few days before and DS took it on the third try the first day. By the end of the 24hrs I could bottlefeed DS. But I'll add we were both very happy to get back to normal after the 24hrs.
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