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Re: Cloth Nursing Pads? Ideas Please!!

Hi! In the beginning I needed 2 pair of pads, 1 set for day and a fresh one for the night time. I was leaking pretty heavily so I started with danish wool pads and loved those. Since you don't have to wash those as often I was able to get away with 2 sets of pads b/c one would dry while I used the other. I did fall behind on the maintenance of handwashing them and letting them dry b/c I was still letting down prettily heavily so I started using my daughter's cloth wipes right out of the dispenser. I just folded them into triangles and put them in my bra.
Now that I'm back and work and want something a bit more 'formal' I use babykicks flannel nursing pads b/c I can put them in the washer and they are nice and soft but not too bulky.
I only used disposables briefly b/c I got them as a gift but honestly since I use cloth for everything else (dd diapers, mamacloth etc) it just doesnt make sense plus the reuseable ones are so much nicer against your skin!
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