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Re: Would you do it? Donor Milk?

Originally Posted by ReiSapphireJade View Post
I have fed donor milk to all 4 of my children as I have been unable to exclusively BF due to low supply (IGT, PCOS, etc...). Most of my donors were close friends, but there was one local woman who I met through Milk Share. Honestly, I think that if someone is willing to donate, they are more than likely the type of person who keeps up with their health because they are obviously providing breast milk for one of their own. It did freak my DH out at first, but I compared it to drinking cow's milk from hundreds of cows, how is that any different? Honestly, I'd rather give my children breast milk from 1 or 2 women than milk from hundreds of different cows that wasn't meant for them!
Precisely! That was my argument as well, on both sides.
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