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Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?

DD is asleep now so I will try and add more. The allergist wanted us to join the food allergy network (google it and you will find it). They have a newsletter and sell several allergy cookbooks. You might look through their books to find ideas. They also list substitutes for eggs in cooking.

Wheat is going to be hard. You should be able to find wheat free pastas at a health food store like Whole Foods. I think that the king arthur flour catalog sells wheat free cake and cookie mixes and I'm sure they can be made dairy and egg free as well.

I bought some soy milk, but if you are going to be drinking it long term, you might want to look into getting a soy milk maker. (you can make soy milk without one but it is a lot of work) but the makers are kind of expensive. You can make soy yogurt from soy milk (google soy yogurt recipe). You can buy soy yogurt but it is expensive.

Look online for vegan recipes as those will be dairy and egg free. Just find ones that also don't use wheat.

Hope this helps!
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