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I'm a big mess, depression in pregnancy?

Hi mamas,
I'm a big giant mess lately and think I may be depressed. I had pretty severe PPD with both girls so I didn't expect it until after I delivered but sure seem to be headed that way. Is anyone else dealing with depression in their pregnancy?

I'm not one to take medications of any kind while pregnant so I likely won't do that but am probably going to schedule an appointment with my midwife to see what she thinks. I just wish I knew how to make myself feel better. This pregnancy was planned and I am excited but just can't seem to be happy about much else. We moved in August and I miss my friends, home, and town so much I can barely stand it. Ironically we moved closer to family, which I love, so you'd think I'd be happier. These stupid placenta issues are not helping as I can barely leave my house. I just feel so incredibly isolated and lonely. I'm not sure how that is going to get any better with 3 kids...

I'm not always a "grass is always greener" person but man I miss my life before we moved! I wish I could rewind as it was my "decision" for lack of a better word to move. We lived in a tiny house that would have been really tough for a family of 5 (it was for just the 4 of us) but I'd sure find a way to make it work now.

Thanks for listening!

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