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Re: I'm a big mess, depression in pregnancy?

Mama that has to be tough!

We moved in August but only 45 minutes from our last home and it feels like a world away! I thought I had a group of tight knit friends but since moving I feel like they have all moved on and forgotten I exist. Also I have found no one here I can really talk to and really have no one to depend on. I am terrified of giving birth since I really don't have anyone I feel could watch my girls or be in the delivery room with me.

I wanted to do an elective induction so that my mom could be here but unfortunately the OB will not permit it. I just feel stuck and alone and with DH deploying I can only imagine it will get worse. I am so scared that this slight feeling of isolation will only get worse. Sure I have a few people at school I can talk to but no one that I would call "close".

SS mama I really hope the OB can give you some support and reassurance. I was on bed rest for 14 wks with YDD and I was living with family but I still always felt lonely since no one could really relate to me. PM me if you need to talk
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