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Re: September 2010 babies - Dec 2010/Jan 2011 Monthly Chat

Long time since I've been on. It's so amazing that a year ago I was freaking out to make the bean I'm freaking out to get that bean to sleep!

Emily turned 4 months on Tuesday. She had her check up yesterday....18lb 9oz!!!!! OMG she is a tank. She was 1.5 lbs smaller than her brother when she was born and now 1.5oz bigger than him at 4 months.

She too hates tummy much that she rolls over. She is sitting up (assisted with a Bumbo or the couch) ... but due to her HEAVY head she is working on keeping her head straight.

She had bronchittis over Christmas and still has her sleeping at night out of wack because of that. Getting up every 2 hours is no fun anymore.

Hope to hear more from other mommas on how their babes are doing.
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