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Possible dairy sensitivity?

My DD is 4 weeks old. Every night (mostly just at night) she turns into a holy nightmare. Gassy, fussy, straining to poop. This will go on for 2-5 hours at a time starting about 8-9 until 1am most nights. She either wants to nurse or be held the entire time. I give her gas meds after every feeding at night and the ones throughout the night. Our ped said it could be she is having problems with all the dairy I eat. I eat a lot of yogurt, cheese, and drink milk with dinner every night. I have cut back to just a glass of milk with dinner and some milk in my one cup of coffee in the morning, and she is still a mess. My husband is deployed so it is just me, my 20 month old and the baby. I am losing my mind at night. Last night she started before my ODD went down for bed, so it wasn't fun trying to get her down with YDD screaming in the background. Anyone have any experience with dairy problems? Or could it be something else? I don't remember ODD being like this at night. She was more fussy during the day.
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