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Is he trying to wean?

I have no idea what its like for a child to self wean. My first didn't wean until she was 3.5 years old (3 months after her brother was born, I tandem nursed)
Anyway, my son will be 17 months old on Jan 21st. He went through this spell about 2 months ago where he didn't want to nurse much and I thought he was ready to give it up (14-15 months at the time). Now hes nearing 17 months and doing it again. He will go 2-4 hours and I will offer it and he will see it and smile and come over, but will only nurse for a minute or less and then he will start squirming because he want to get soon as he gets down I start to have let down, thankfully I don't leak. so I don't know whats going on. I mean he gets excited when he knows its time to nurse but then doesn't want it when he starts. Its kind of stressing me out because I am not really ready to have him stop, not before 2 anyway.
What do you all think is happening? Thanks!
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