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Fenugreek & others and weight gain

Okay I have a few questions here

I read somewhere that Fenugreek is used in parts of Africa by women to gain weight. Is this true? I'm taking some now due to major low milk supply and I guess I've noticed I'm much more hungry and I'm hoping that gaining extra weight isn't true. I gained 55 lbs in pregnancy and when I found out I was pg, I had just joined WW wanting to lose 45+ lbs. AGH!!!

Also, what about the other meds/herbs to increase milk supply. Do these have the side effect of gaining weight?

I just found out about Motherslove More Milk tincure and purchased some last night. How do you use it? Alone, with food, in liquids such as water, tea, etc.

Does Motherslove More Milk have weight gain or other 'negative' side effects?
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