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Originally Posted by 4littlemonkeys
This the the reason per my ped they prescribe vitamins to EBF infants. Vitamin D. Some infants do not get enough sun exposure, and need more D to help there bodies properly use calcium. Rickets can become a problem (it's a bone issue from what I understand) as a result. He said, however, he has never seen Rickets in a fair child, only in dark babies. This is because there bodies have more pigment, and block more of the suns rays. We declined the vitamins, and he was fine with that.

This is why my dr prescribed vitamins drops. He said he had a patient come in with rickets and ever since then he has prescribed them for breastfed babies. I think in the right situation they are appropriate. We were living in the city at the time and less sunlight gets through because of air quality and buildings. Many of the babies there are dark skinned and it was winter. These factors make extra vitamin d a good idea. My baby is super fair so I only gave them to her if she hadn't been outside in days because of the weather, but otherwise I didn't think they were necessary.
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