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Re: Is he trying to wean?

Originally Posted by MyM&W View Post
Yes he still nurses at night and when hes sleepy. Sometimes he will come up and fuss and point and say "num num" thats what we taught him to say when hes hungry for mama's I will nurse him and its very short lived, sometimes less then a minute. Sometimes he will nurse and then stop a minute or so later and then I will put him down and he will cry and want me to pick him up to nurse again. So, I do and he wants down a minute or so later again and I'm fed up with that. Basically he wants to play around and stand up while nursing lol. He just doesn't know what he wants I guess.
But yes, hes still night nursing and normally nurses 2-3x a day.
Maybe it is just distraction? Maybe try bringing him to a dark, quiet room to nurse each time if you can. But he may just come back to it on his own. Often times, they will go through a phase where they are mastering something (sitting, crawling, walking, etc.) and then, once they have mastered it, they will want to nurse more often.
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