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I am the only one!!

I have 2 DS's. One is 3 and the other is almost 7mo now. Both have been breast fed babies. DS1 was part time through 6 months (I just didnt produce well) and the other is only breastmilk through now.

Anyway, on Friday I picked up the boys from daycare and DS2's teacher said to me that I was the only mom that she has seen bring in breastmilk in 4 YEARS!!! Isnt that crazy???? I know that I am the only one that has used cloth diapers but the only one that breastfed???

I read a lot about how it is a dying trade...this kind of agrees with the literature. It saddens me. I love breastfeeding my LO's. I am sad that my DS2 is starting to reject me.

I just figured only you momma's would understand.
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