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Re: Flat fold tutorials - consolidated (SUPER pic heavy)

Rosieposie Angel Wing Fold:

Originally Posted by rosieposie143 View Post
LOVE flats, I'm buying more right now. I would destash some but I am so one of those people who say "but I will need that someday".

To whoever asked about how we use them- you are a lucky duck I have pics. I don't like origami fold, it's waaaay too wide for my girls, I don't like having a lot of bulk around the waist/hips. Scratch that, I DETEST bulk on waist/hips. I have come up with my own angel-type fold to even lessen what is there. here's a mini-tute for ya, broken down into super easy mini steps. This is using what I think (bought off etsy) is a GMD med flat, but it may be LL. I have others that are for sure GMD and I do the same thing.

First fold the hemmed edges together:

Next bring bottom up to desired rise (I just fold it up all the way to make a square for my 7 mo):

Then fold in right side:

Then take the top 2 layers of what you just folded in and wing it out:

Then do the same thing on the other side (except on this side you'll have 2 folds instead of 4 edges, just grab one of the folds):

Then fold bottom up and pin or snappi:

And here is my 2yo modeling a too-small version of this. This was before, when I just folded in quarters and did angel fold, rise is too short and not enough wrap-around.

I love this because it's easy, puts so many layers in the stride of the diaper, and yet the wings are thick enough to hold a snappi but thin enough for my liking.
Diaperbag Fold:

Originally Posted by EricaLynn View Post
So I hardly ever take flats with me when I go out, but I mastered this neat little fold that is easy to take along So if anyone wants a new flat fold to try, heres a good one for moms on the move

Fold in sides

Fold up what will be the front

Fold in one side

And the other

Fold down the back, this makes the fold more neat, creates a poo pocket and helps the rise adjustment

This is when you either put it on the baby, or fold it up as I do to go in a diaper bag

The fold in action

Two flats folded in the bag (they are the white ones on the end )

And just because I feel the need to show off some mad pinning skills!

WHoo! Thanks for staying with me all this time
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