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Re: Flat fold tutorials - consolidated (SUPER pic heavy)

Neat Fold and Origami Fold:

Originally Posted by GEM Cloth View Post
Please critique and comment, and add yours.

Here is my favorite flat fold, if anyone knows what the name of it is or can tell me how to do it better I'd appreciate it. I love this fold because it gives us good coverage in the crotch.

(ETA: This first fold is the Neat Fold. Lots of folds here:


Start with your blanket in a diamond.

Fold up the bottom corner.

Fold down the top corner.

Bring in one side, with the top corner touching the top edge of the blanket.

Bring in the other side, also with the top corner touching the top edge.

Presto, there you have it!

Also here is the origami fold as I understand it. Lots of moms love this and it's easy to find on the Internet, but I'm putting it here anyway in case there is a way I could do it better. I don't like it because it's too narrow in the crotch for my son. (But I wonder if I could fold the soaker part in twice instead of three times and use a doubler.)

Start with your blanket folded in fourths.

Grab the corner of the first layer and pull it over to make a triangle shape.

Now, grab the top edge and FLIP IT OVER so that the long part of the triangle is at the top and face down. (This is the confusing part.)

The square part that is now on the top should be folded in three times to make the soaker.

That's it! Just fold it up around the baby.

If anyone has the link to the thread with the video on how to do this fold please post it. Also any better directions/photos would be appreciated.

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