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Re: Flat fold tutorials - consolidated (SUPER pic heavy)

Kite with Origami on Top:

Originally Posted by Mom2EandA View Post
Hi there!

I'm getting the hang of flats and thought I'd post some pictures. These are flats I bought from I use the origami fold on my 3 month old and the kite fold with origami laid on top for my 2-year old son.

I think this video shows the origami fold the best so I'm going to take a short cut and post that one and then my own pictures for the rest.

Kite fold:

Now I lay the origami on top:

Fold sides in...

flare out the ends a little:

Fold up and close wings

you can then snappi or pin. With the origami alone on my dd I roll the sides in to make gussets and just tie the long wings into a loose knot and throw a cover on and I have never had it come undone or leak.

I'll try to get action shots in the future.
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