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Re: Flat fold tutorials - consolidated (SUPER pic heavy)

Twist Fold:

Originally Posted by hurricanechelsea View Post
So I started trying a different fold. It's not pretty, but it works (I'd recommend it for inside a cover).

Fold in half (top to bottom or bottom to top).

Fold in the sides sort of like you would with a paper airplane.

Fold the left side over the middle (not in half) sticking out over the top a little bit.

Fold the right side over the same way, and pull the left hand wing up (which is now on the right-hand side) while holding down the middle.

Fold down the rise and fold up the front.

Fold the wings in (inside or outside of the diaper) and pin...

...or Snappi.

Like I said, it's not pretty at all (especially in the back, which I forgot to take a picture of), but it has a lot of layers without being bulky.
Modified Ro-Po Fold:

Originally Posted by mom2LandJ View Post
Thank Blossomgoat for this Rosie Posie modified fold for chubbier/bigger babies.

I am posting pics for those of you who need visuals like me. Start with the rosie posie fold beginning (hemmed edges together, fold bottom up to get desired rise).

The instead of folding in thirds like a prefold take one side and fold into center:

Then fold the other side into the center:

Take top two layers and fold out wings:

Put baby on and jelly roll if you like, fan out top and snappi or pin.

On baby:

Nice gusset:

Another Modified Ro-Po:

Originally Posted by blossomgoat View Post
Okay, here's the modified RoPo fold:

Here is my flat. You can tell that I had folded it in quarters out of the drier and am now folding it for use. I like to do this bec it leaves a nice midline crease. Fold each side towards but not TO the midline. I leave about 2" open a the center.

Here is where I add a doubler, if I'm using one. Then I fold the bottom up to make a not-quite-square shape.

Here is where I rejoin the RoPo fold.

I kind of pinch the fabric between the legs or jelly roll it in before I pull it up. I then spread out the top of the diaper, near the navel, so it gets more width.

I then tug the side wings out perpendicular to baby's bum. I make sure to have a fold in it so that it catches any outwardly flowing poo.

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