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Re: Flat fold tutorials - consolidated (SUPER pic heavy)

Two more:

Originally Posted by bpure8 View Post
Okay My own quick Tutorial. I'm using an IKEA flat and a snappi.

First Take the Flat and lay it out in front of you with a point facing you.
then Fold the top point down toward the center and the bottom point up toward the center.

Next line up edge A with Edge B on both sides.

Now your going to fold the top down to make the poop Catcher. (We don't really use it as DD is eating more solids so I do it more to change the rise of the diaper)

That's where most Neat folds stop but I have way to much fabric for my Skinny Minnie and can't get it to fit well with her legs.

Now you fold the side in again.

Then flip the little "ears" out. (Cute. It looks Like a Puppy! Or is that a cow. LOL!)

I WAS going to use a Teddy but my Daughter walked in and told me she's Wet and wanted a change. (Perfect timing)
I roll in the sides kind of like a Jelly roll before lifting the front

It's not a great Fit.. she thought I was taking to long while taking Pics. But you get the idea!

And other Pics of a better fit durring her nap earlier today and one other change.

Originally Posted by preemiemama View Post
It amazes me how many different ways a flat can be folded. The basic premise is the same, but I guess we all make little changes that work for us. Here is how I do it:

This is LL flat. I originally took these pics to show how I pin my flats. I always start with a hemmed edge on the top left. First I fold the top corner down.

Then I fold the sides in. The top ends up being the front of the diaper. I have started tapering it in a little, so basically you can fold these corners down and in to make the front a little narrower.

Now it is kind of like a prefold folded just perfectly for my little guys size.

Then I just fold like I would a prefold (except now I jellyroll PF's but that is a different thread/tut, lol). I do make a little lip on the back end to get a better fit and I do not do that with prefolds.

And here is me pulling the wings out and pinning.

It usually comes out a lot neater but we tried to do two tuts while dh played photographer and I think I was feeling the pressure.
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