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Re: Flat fold tutorials - consolidated (SUPER pic heavy)

Newborn Kite with Large GMD organic:

Originally Posted by mariamommy
I messed around last night with my GMD organic large size flats finding a good fold for my LO. Some of the folds were just too big for her since they are size larges. I used the tute for the newborn kite fold, and used the same idea for my LO and it worked great.

Laid out flat:

Fold in all four corners towards the center. The large GMD organic flats are not exactly square so there's a space in the middle, no big deal. I didn't want to overlap anything:

Proceed with kite fold as normal:

I like this fold SO much for the adjustability I get with the instant rise adjustment when pulling up the material for the crotch here ~ its like a softbums pod.

Side Pinned Flat:

Originally Posted by ~whitehologram~ View Post
I've been pondering the flat problem that lots of mamas have and I had an idea....

I think some of it is the wings and the other is the poop. So I got rid of the wings by putting them on the inside of the diaper and the poop is contained by the classic Jellyroll. Sadly you can only pin your flat if you do it this way but I think it works well. It looks nice and tidy too. Like a side snapping fitted but its a side pined flat.

Obviously I have too much time on my hands today because I've take step-by-step pics.

Top flap down and then sides in to the middle, tuck anything that overlaps.

Or you can fold the top flap down after you fold the side in...totally up to you.

Fold up the bottom point and lay in your doubler.

Jellyroll the sides, fold the wings in and then pin in place. Check your jelly rolls and your done.

I hope this helps

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