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Re: Flat fold tutorials - consolidated (SUPER pic heavy)

Originally Posted by ReadingRenee View Post
There are not words to describe the greatness of this. WOW.

We have needed a consolidated flat thread for SO LONG. Its so hard when someone is like yeah check out the flat pics thread, its only 149 plus pages long!

You are awesome for putting this all together. I see folds I had forgotten about that I am going to try.

Thank you, that's exactly why I did it. It was taking me forever to go through the Flats Picture Thread and I just wanted to make it easier for other mamas bc I have some much flat love right now!

Originally Posted by stephcrouse View Post
thanks mama!

Originally Posted by stayinhomewithmy5 View Post
Awesome! Thanks so much for putting this together! I've been stuck with the kite fold for quite awhile now, but this is making me want to venture out and see what else works!
I love the Jo fold, it's without a doubt the best fit on my DD though it's not the best for catching poo bc you can't jellyroll it but I have gotten better at catching it lately - no poo on covers for a few days at least. Kite fold is my second favorite and it's great bc of jellyrolling. I've been trying origami but I really suck at it and I can't figure out why!

Originally Posted by doubleddog View Post
Thanks! I have been using flats since DD was brand new, but have always just folded them and layed flat in a cover. I'm considering actually doing some fancy folds with this next baby... the photos are super helpful!
It's so much fun and it's addicting. I am going to have a lot more fun with my newbie this spring that I am with DD and her alligator death twirl!
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