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Re: parents of autistic children

wow ladies its been a LONG time since ive visited the board. life got a little (well ok a lot) hecktic here for a while. we went to visit my mom over christmas vacation out in las vegas, my sister and my two brothers from my mom were there as well. my mom lives with my aunt and uncle and it was actually a pretty alright visit overall. keith was really overwhelmed at a lot of things, especially how many people were around, thankfully they have a guest house on the property and we had our own private room in the guest house to stay in the 2 weeks that we were there. when we got to the airport there keith was quite overwhelmed and overstimulated. he wouldnt even go near my mom or sister. he clung to me for dear life!! my mom was hurt but i told her that he would just have to warm up to her and it would take him time. just to talk to him a little and go from there. overall the trip was good, he had a lot of overstimulation problems but i worked it out. he has been in a pre-k autistic class since the beginning of sept, school is almost out for the year, but he has made a nice amount of progress. he still has a lot of behavioral issues but hey thats ok, he still isnt potty trained or anywhere near it but that is ok too, he is talking more now but isnt holding conversations (which is expected) and cant answer questions, but his speech therapist is working on that with him, he has made progress in his speech which is great!! he is doing good with floortime therapy (he still sees a behavioral mod therapist {bhmt}) and is making some progress!! life has been busy but im loving it and i have been spending a lot of time learning new things, and ways to deal with things. it is a lot different than how i "felt" a year ago. i have learned however that though keith was diagnosed with "high-functioning" autism, he isnt high-functioning, but he had to be put into the "high-functioning" category because of his speech. in every other aspect he is lower functioning, but that is ok. i am ok with everything in his and my life, and we have turned over a new leaf so to speak. from the time i learned of the actual diagnosis up to now i have come a long way on things. it is amazing what you can learn in just over a year's time. i have had a really great group of mommies that have been VERY supportive through the very trying times that i have gone through which has really helped me to get through the tough times, cus we all know that there are tough times, but hey there are with all children right?? ive accepted the fact that we may not be able to go to the park when it is full of other kids, and that we cant just go to the mall and hang out or chill when shopping, that was pretty hard for me at first (the park part that is), but you know little man just does NOT miss that one bit. we go to get togethers with moms of other special needs kids on occasion (most of the kids are autistic as well) and the playdates go pretty well there because the parents truely understand, which feels great. we are still on the bottle, but i really dont care, its his comfort, and his form of support when he gets upset and im accepting of that as well. he will drink juice from a sippy now (unless he is super upset and overwhelmed) which is progress!! he has also been put on a vitamin supplimental drink to help maintain a good weight, he is still mostly on stage 2 baby food, and im alright with that now too. its amazing how we teach ourselves to be ok and accepting of things when things change. all in all, though hecktic life IS truely good!! i have made a lot of changes and done a lot of "soul searching" in a sense. keith has been out of occupational therapy since school started which really stinks (it wasnt by choice, but scheduling conflict), and it has thrown him off, but i do the best i can to work on things at home, ya know heavy work, and vestibular stuff etc. he has issues with his ankles and feet, and we tried out what are called smo's but they did NOT work, his ankles continued to get worse (they are very weak and when he is standing they buckle in for lack of a better word). so we ended up having to do what is called afo's. they are helping to stabalize his ankles and feet a LOT better now. he has had the afo's for almost 3 weeks and for once in his life he can run without falling flat on his face every 3 or 4 steps!! that and he is doing better walking up and down stairs (he couldnt even attempt this a year ago). i cant believe that a year has flown by so fast!! it seems like just yesterday i was celebrating his 3rd birthday, and shortly before that his birth!! well anyways, enough jibber jabber from me now, how has everyone else been doing??!!

heather marie
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