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I recommend at least looking into it. We did it on and off with my first daughter. With our new baby, I started right away - when she was just a couple weeks old. It helps to start early. I don't stress over it either - she has a distinctive cry right before she pees and if I can't get her to the potty right away, I don't worry about it. That's why she wears diapers after all. She loves to sit on the potty (she's almost 2 months now). I can almost always get a smile out of her on the potty. Our big achievement is her pooping in the potty (she has another very distinctive grunting before she poops and she works on it for a while so I have time to react and get her on the potty). I haven't changed a poopy diaper in 3 weeks! It's nice just washing wet diapers - no stains in the newborn diapers for us
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