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Re: TTC while BFing GRADS & Greats!!!

Originally Posted by kristina View Post
I never posted on the other thread but I hope it's okay that i post here....

My name is Kristina - We found out we're expecting #3 this morning. My EDD is September 29th. I am still nursing Sawyer, he is almost 19months (/6/29/09)

Sawyer is a total boobaholic , so I'm hoping it takes awhile for my milk to change over. I didn't BF my first son this long so I have no experience with nursing while pregnant and I'm just trying to educate myself. We're not doing cow's milk over here yet...since he nurses so much still. So I'm wondering if I need to start introducing another type of milk so that we can easily transition once my milk goes? My first doc appointment is scheduled for the 31st

Glad to get to know you all and be able to join in
We had to start supplementing by week 10 but it was just a little bit at a time so there is not really any reason to start early. Your milk should go away gradually if it is going to go away so just watch your baby Sawyer and if he seems hungry offer him a little of whatever milk you would like. By week 24 or sooner my baby was only dry nursing.
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