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Re: Would you do it? Donor Milk?

Originally Posted by bluecandi View Post
I registered on milkshare and ponied up the 20$ but still havent found one person. We are probably going to run out of donor milk tomorrow, Monday for sure. I went and bought formula today. Im supposed to go Tuesday or Thursday and pick up some from a new donor but its only a small amount....still I will take it.

This is really bumming me out!!
Hi there,

I've seen your threads on Milkshare. I'm currently donating to a preemie baby I found on there. Try Eats on Feets. Go through the donor tab and message moms to check to see if they have any milk or if they would be willing to begin saving some for you.

I'm trying to get my milk up a little more and will try to remember to check with you if I get it up a little more to be able to help you out a little.

Also, check the "willing to ship" section. I've heard that it's not really expensive if you ship from the surrounding states.

In the Texas thread there is a lady in Austin. If you are willing to take a drive, you might want to check with her.

ETA: just saw you already posted a message.

I see that you are posting responses. Are you PM'ing them, also? That may help.

Good luck.
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