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Re: What to do with Dirties?

im glad you have so many questions, keep them coming!!
i also use the diaper champ, i got mine for $8 at a consignment store and lOVE it! check around if you have a MOm N me store, i LOVE ours, everything is in brand new condition but for alot less than the stores charge.
i used to use a wet pail when i first started cd, but that only lasted about 1-2 months then i got this champ and its been dry pail ever since and we dont use any liner in it, i wash every 2-3 days and when i toss my diapers in the wash, i get some soapy hot water from the washer with a micro towel and wipe down my champ, i nver get pail stinkies. i am a little different cause with any poo diapers i get a tiny amount of gain and handwash my diaper, cause i dont want any stains at all, im picky with my diapers and dont even let them go on the floor after i take them off my baby, dh thinks im crazy but if i take care of them theyll lasdt longer and stay in great shape!
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