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anybody do vbac??

Due to DS being breech I had to have C/S after 22 hours of labour.
I only dialated to 4 cms, and labour pains got BAD at that point, but I think it was due to nerves once they told me what had to happen.
I was shaking SO bad the whole time before and after the only thing that helped was 2 shots of demerol.
Also DS ended up in special care nursery b/c they thought he had fluid in his lungs.
This was SO opposite of my birth plan, I didn't even stay for the part they talk about c/s in our prenatal class.
I would like to try VBAC, but there are reasons I'd like a C/S too.
I have till Jan to think about it, but I'd like to hear other ppls experiences since I only know one momma who ever did do VBAC successfully.
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