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Re: Non Twins In The Same Grade>??

Two of my older kids who were 20 months apart were in the same grade. One was held back a year until she was ready, and my other son was ready early, so they ended up together. I kept them in the same class due to how their personalities/needs/strengths meshed and it worked out great for them. When they hit middle school, we put them in entirely different schools--mostly because we did magnet schools for their needs and interests, and that seemed to work fine for them.

This baby will end up being a year behind in school from my next up dd by birth ages, but next up dd was born only 2 days before the cut off, and has some developmental delays, so they will probably be in the same grade too. We will see what happens when the time comes as to class placement and such, but it really isnt a huge deal. It actually makes the school activities a lot more simple when they are younger.

Im sure you will find a rhythm that works for yours!
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