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Re: WHY do mamas sell items for double or more than they paid?

Originally Posted by Mel
I'm thinking you've never had someone tell you they really, really need the item and talk you down in price only to turn around 2 weeks later and sell it for MORE than your original asking price (not even at what you first wanted) That's the kicker. Kind of like a slap in the face.
Exactly! thats my point, it feels like you've been lied to. i don't go searching for items of people ive sold to, but im on this board everyday searching for more to buy and come across posts and then there it is bright as day an item you've sold and for more, not that your searching for your past items, just that there it is on your screen. anyway, im glad most see it like it is, so i am keeping track of who i notice doing this to make sure i dont buy from them
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