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Re: TTC while BFing GRADS & Greats!!!

Originally Posted by kbjohnsonfam View Post
Hey Mamas.... Long time no talk! I have been pretty calm on the Diaperswapper front, I have been so sick! We are 13 weeks along and the morning sickness is still raging! I was still nursing ds (15 months) when we got preggo, and I think we are officially done. Its been about a week since he had one last go around on each boob. At about 10 weeks I noticed my supply dropping, and he would look at me funny during booby time, so I think it was starting to taste different too.

The transition went well. I was hoping to wean sometime during the pregnancy and I was sure that this kid was going to nurse til he was 10. He was a boob addict. But he has been great. He hasn't even asked in the last week. We got to the point where I couldn't sit there long enough to not throw up, and he was dry sucking so hard because he wanted more. He also wouldn't go to sleep unless he was nursed completely asleep, and since there wasn't much there, he wasn't going to sleep and then it became a huge fight. So all in all, I think we are both content.

I hope everyone else is doing well, and for all your mamas that are preggo with the dry suckers... so sorry. I feel you on that one.
I'm pretty content with our decision to fully wean too. He's asking for it less and less (mostly when he's tired he asks), and he argues less when I tell him no now. Plus the dry-sucking was NOT working for me (and it was causing cramps too, so that worried me). He's almost 20 months, so I don't feel bad about it, although sometimes I feel guilty because I know its best to do it until he's TWO...but I don't think I can go back to doing it regularly again...and its not worth the pain for the minimal benefit of nursing him once a week, you know?

He's still a big fat boy and healthy as a horse and smart!

Speaking of smarts---For those of you with older kids, when did they start counting and learning colors and asking for things in sentences?

He's 19.5 months and counts "one, two, three, FIVE"---he high fives every time he counts to 5 and by the time he gets to what should be 4, he's too excited to wait, haha. Although he randomly counts it right when sitting on the floor doing nothing. And he'll count to 3 for me when he wants me to help him jump off of something because my hubby taught him that when you count to three he gets thrown in the air. Haha. And SOMETIMES he even says A-B-C, so I think he's doing pretty good considering I haven't spent much time at all working on them with him. In fact, I don't think I've helped him with the ABCs at all. but I know my hubby sings the ABC song to him when he puts him down for bed every other night.

I want to start learning shapes and colors and more letters/numbers too. He knows what 3 is when he sees it and knows SOME of his shapes ("angle" for triangle, "kull" for circle, "sware" for square, and oval he sometimes gets---but its hit or miss.

Any tips on helping him learn these in ways that will work with his limited attention span?
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