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Re: TTC while BFing GRADS & Greats!!!

Quick: I don't have a ton of experience w/what kids can and can't do at that age but it sounds like your son is very bright! My daughter at that age was talking in 3 word sentences. She is turning 2 this week and has been using full and gramatically correct sentences for about a month or month and a half? But every one always tells me she is a fast talker (my whole family was). She knows all her colors and has for a few months now...but I worked with her a lot on that. She counts to 3 but can't seem to get past 3 and has been stuck here for months. And just last week she sang the abcs for the first time. Got half way through. I was floored! I sing it a lot but she never said any of it back before then. Anyway, I watch my friend's daughter and by 2 she was saying the whole song perfectly, counting to 10, knew all her shapes and all her colors. I am very impressed to say the least! :-) Anyway, I asked some child hood speech and occupational therapists when they should know colors and letters and they all said before kindegarten - so like 4. So I guess anything before that is considered advanced! But again, I don't have a lot to compare to. I'd say you are doing great though! :-)
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