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Re: How do they make any $$?

Ever thought alot of mamas cloth diaper because it's cheap, so when you are selling your child's poopped in diapers, they are helping out another mama in need. So really, the money you spent was well worth it, cause you child or like me, children got there use of the diapers, so now it's time to pass them on to someone else, and even better, someone who can't afford brand new diapers. I remember when i first started cloth diapering my now 2 year old, i couldn't afford the start up of all the nice brand new diapers. I settled with brand new kushies, which got the job done, but still most of my stash is used diapers, i hunted and hunted for nice mamas just trying to get the diapers in a good home with a baby to use them, and at a price i could afford.
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