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Re: I LOVE EMBROIDERED GADS! (action pics)

Originally Posted by Ooey View Post
She looks pretty tiny! Can I ask how old she is and how big she is? I've noticed that our medium GADs are getting into the last snap for legs, middle snap for waist, and was thinking I might have to size up soon, but IDK if medium-long would fit right because the rise is fine, it's the thighs that are getting small Those M/L's look perfect on your dd though!
She is really tiny and I don't think it's just b/c she's Asian, LOL. She's 19 months and only 21 months. I have a pretty small frame, but she's both skinny and short, The medium GADs fit her great until recently and she was only on the second snap setting, but I guess she went through a growth spurt b/c all of a sudden I found myself not being able to stand the sight of her plumber's crack anymore! LOL. I think the thigh settings are pretty similar b/w the medium and medium long, but b/c the rise is so much higher on the medium long, the thigh measurements are sort of at an angle, does that make sense?
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