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Re: anybody do vbac??

I had a c/s with my first due to breech presentation.

I became pg with #2 when my 1st was just 12 months old. I found a Dr was that was 110% supportive of my wish to VBAC. At my 38 week visit, the Dr said the baby was low and she suspected that it wouldn't be long. The next day, contractions came on with a fury while I was eating dinner. Within an hour, we had to leave for the birthing center. 10 minutes after our arrival, without the assistance of the OB, our little girl came into the world. It was an awesome experience.

My 2nd VBAC was a HBAC, waterbirth. This babe was here less than an hour after my first contraction hit me. This was the most awesome experience of my life. No words can describe it.

Find a Dr. or midwife that is experienced with VBACs. Talk to other Mommas that have been through it. Know your rights. Nobody can force you have a repeat c/s, no matter what they try to tell you. Above all else, trust your body!

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