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Re: August 2010 Babies- Checking In!

I'm here, just don't check in all that often.

DD's 6 month check up isn't scheduled until March! She'll be just over 7 months old at that point, but whatever. She is a big baby, but I don't have stats. She is comfortably in 9 month clothes.

She is rolling over like crazy now. Put her down on her back and within seconds she will have flipped onto her tummy. I have seen her flip tummy to back a few times, but she doesn't do it routinely yet, so she will flip to her tummy and play for a bit and then get MAD about being on her tummy. It is funny. She will sit with help, and just this past week has started being able to sit without help, but only for 5ish seconds at a time.

Other kids... probably not. I still am not ready to say 100% for sure we are done, but I would say 95% sure. I am trying to enjoy the baby stage as much as possible since this will probably be it for us.
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