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Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 27th

Oooh! Baking cookies? I might be doing some of that this weekend, as I will be back with dh again. Of course, my little boy, who is now SEVEN YEARS OLD thank you very much, loves, loves, loves, loves baking, so I will have to make the baking family inclusive and friendly until he goes to bed

I got a wild hare running around here last night and decided to throw together a 2 strand soaker of sock yarn, knitted flat and its actually turning out cuter than I anticipated and is almost done! It does knit up fast, but I tend to get a little OCD and knit like a fiend at times. I have to go to court this morning as I am a victim for a pre-trial hearing thing, so I will be sitting around doing nothing for what seems like ever waiting for the criminal to say shes not guilty and have things set for trial. I hope I can sneak in my knitting so I can be done and maybe even have time to seam them, and one other thing. That would totally be a win-win. Bamboo circular needles should be ok I would hope?

After that its more packing and clearning my house, as I might actually FINALLY have a buyer for it who is serious and we might be seeing a reasonable bid in the next week or so.

AOTD--Hmmm what cereal would I be? Rice Krispies... a little crunchy and prone to making a little noise, but in the end all schmooshy and nummy. Oh, and mix me with something sweet, and Im irresistable and something everyone loves, just like a rice krispie bar! *ahem* LOL
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