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Re: Am I being unreasonable? (sorry...long)

Not unreasonable at all. Just tell them you'll call after the baby is born.

And after the baby is born, take your family time and call whenever you are up for visitors. When they start asking what time baby was born, just tell em the truth. They'll figure out that hey, you DIDN'T call as soon as he popped out. Just like you had said. Maybe they'll get the clue then ;-)

Providing my little bub turns head down and we get to actually have a vaginal birth, we won't be calling anyone but my sister and my midwife to let them know I'm in labor. My DH's family will only be called after because it's kinda obligatory I guess. But my DH has instructions to tell them we'll be happy to see them the day after the baby is born.

If bubs DOESN'T turn and I end up with a section, I suppose I'll let everyone know the date but request that they wait until we call for them to come visit. I SO don't want a room full of people right after surgery. I don't think. Never had a section but I imagine it's not too fun after.
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