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Re: Where do you get your children's books?

Goodwills usually have an outlet store that sells everything 50% off. We always find kids books there for .25 or .50. I've even found newer Dr. Seuss books there.

Craigslist, thirft stores, yard sales, salvation army, friends hand me downs. I also ask friends and family members to buy books for gifts.

We shop sales. B&N usually has good sales (buy 1 get 1, buy 2 get 1, etc) and paired with coupons it really brings the cost of new books down.

If you have an e-reader there are TONS of kids books you can download for free and some for $1-2. Here is amazon's link for free books, if you scroll down they have a couple of websites listed that offer a ton of free books and have a generous selection of kid books.
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