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VBAC=Induction? WWYD?--Update 2-9

So, I have made it known at my practice that I see that I really want a VBAC. I asked at my last appointment what I should be doing to make that a most-likely scenario, and the CNMW I saw (not my usual one) told me that I was doing all the right things just by taking care of myself and the baby. I then asked if there was anything else I should know about their VBAC policies, and the MW told me that they were fairly standard...that I would need to talk to the OB at the practice sometime, just to go over C/S stuff in case, and they would PICK A DATE FOR MY INDUCTION, start me with pitocin, and we'd go from there. And that, at any time, I was welcome to change my mind and go for repeat c-section.

I was really surprised and asked the MW why I would need to be induced, and she stated that in a VBAC situation, it was necessary that they be "as in control as possible of the situation" because of all the risks. I was kind of shocked, and wasn't really sure what I thought of the situation.

Now that I've had a bit to think about it, it makes no sense to me that they want to induce me. The pitocin contrax, I think, would be much worse on my scar than if I was allowed to go into labor on my own. My first c-section was after a failed induction (DD failed both a nonstress test and a biophysical profile, and wasn't doing well, and then ended up being transverse when I was induced 24 hours later...found that out after 20 hours of unmedicated pitocin and cytotec labor).

I really want to go into labor on my own and deliver on the baby's schedule. However, I'm just thankful I'm being cleared to VBAC at all. This is the only hospital that does it in the area. I also really like my CNMW. I would LOVE to try a HBAC, but I live in Illinois and it is illegal for midwives to deliver at home here. UC isn't an option, either...the idea terrifies DH who thought he was going to lose me during my last delivery.

So, I am going to talk to my MW during my next appointment in two weeks. I am going to tell her very firmly that it is my wish to not be induced as long as the baby is happy and healthy. However, I just don't know if my wishes are going to override hospital/practice policy. So, my question is...WWYD?

I had my appointment on Monday with my usual CNM. I told her what the previous appointment had yielded and let her know that I didn't understand the practice and that I didn't want to have an induction if it wasn't medically necessary. She told me that the reason for the practice is because they want to make sure to have all the necessary staff, etc. there for their VBAC mamas because it is a very small hospital. However, I am more than welcome to forgo the induction if it's not what I want and wait. She told me she had actually just delivered a VBAC last week at 42 weeks with no interventions, and while a 2-day delivery was a long one on both of them, they did great and she was glad the mama had the delivery she wanted.

That made me feel so much better! So now, just a waiting game, I guess.
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