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Re: VBAC=Induction? WWYD?

DO NOT let them induce you!!! Pitocin is NOT recommended during a VBAC, because of the exact reason you stated! Most of the uterine rupture stories that I've read about, the women were given pitocin. When I VBACed my OB said they could give me a very low dose of it, but i know at the hospital my best friend works at (she's an OB nurse) they arent allowed to give any at all to anyone vbacing. I didnt feel comfortable and with any pit. (and thankfully didnt need it) BUT told my OB that if it came to that I would opt for a repeat c-section, rather than risk it with pit. I would reccommend drinking red raspberry leaf tea, as it is suppossed to tone the uterus and make your contractions more efficient Let your self go into labor naturally, and maybe stay away from the hospital until the last minute!
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