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Insurance and decisions help

I am completely in a mess w/my prenatal care right now. I would really like others thoughts and opinions.

I basically HATE where I am. Being near a military facility and having to use base to avoid copays and whatnot. Well my last button has been pushed when they refused to call in a PRENATAL RX to my local pharmacy (I live 35min away from base). Why they dont/wont call this in you ask??? I have no clue!!

So my option right now, until more research is done, is to change levels of my ins and do copays and deductibles.
Here is where it gets more complicated. (I come from having midwives and LOVED them, unfortunatly we have moved too far from them) And their are NO MW around here and the only travelling homebirth one DH has declined

Our local group is NINE MALE Obs, but I would have to meet my deduct and pay 20% copay per visit 4mile drive. (Dont have a good thing with male gyns/obs )
The next place has a newer birthing center and the group I am looking into has 4females and 4 males, no copay, but still have to meet the deduct and a 33mile drive.

What would you do?? Please help me
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