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Re: Need an October 2011 board. :)

OMG, I am in the same boat! I am 12lbs over my prepreggy weight after DS and it won't I know why. I was only 5lbs over in October then weaned DS and the weight came on. Ugh. With DS I craved lots of fruit and veggies so I hope it's similar this time around.

I was shocked to say the only symptoms were bb twinges now and again, a fullness feeling in the uterus and fatigue. I have been exhausted.

Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
I'm so grateful not to be having any boobie issues, yet! With my first two it was horrible how sore they were. My third wasn't so bad.

Extreme instantaneous hunger can be added to my list. I need to keep this under control as I've started 12 lbs heavier than I'm used to. I'd like to refer to it as my "winter weight".
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