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Re: VBAC=Induction? WWYD?

I know at the hospital I had my first VBA2C at they told me under no circumstances would they induce me. They were a bit nervous because I had delivered 2 kids and never had been in labor or dialated...(I had 2 emergency csections at 34 weeks) and so they said that they were not sure my body would know what to do...umm..okay...

But the hospital that is literally less than a mile away, will do inductions as they see fit on VBAC patients...

But personally, and everyone has to make their own decisions, I would do everything I could to avoid an induction. They do not need to be in control of every aspect of your delivery. Make it clear that you will not be doing the induction, if you are not, and that you have done some research (and do it, show them what you have found from places like ICAN) and you have found that the likelyhood of having an induction and a successful VBAC is a lot less of a reality than ending up with a section. Be educated, and be your baby's and your own advocate. Your birth experiance and babe's health depends on it!
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